Motivational Talks By Vivek Bindra

Event Date - 27 March 2018

Dr. Vivek Bindra

The Career and Counselling Cell of YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad in collaboration with Vedic Club organised an energetic and mind-refreshing workshop by notable motivational speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra to inspire the students to achieve their goals with greater zeal. The topic of the session was on ‘Improving Student’s Efficiency in Education and Corporate Sector’ which was attended by a large number of students. The session was presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Kumar and coordinated by Dean and Chairperson of Management Studies Dr. Arvind Gupta. Speaking on this occasion, Prof. Dinesh Kumar said that listening to a motivational speaker of internationally repute like Dr. Bindra is a golden opportunity for students and hoped that such inspirational talks of Dr. Bindra would help the student to build their career and achieve their goals in life. For about two hours, Dr. Vivek Bindra's motivational session kept the audience captivated with high-spirited activities. The entire session was filled with energy and the students felt extremely inspired with the positive thinking and 'never say never' attitude. Dr. Bindra encouraged the students to take inspiration from the life of famous basketball player Michael Jordan and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to learn how they managed to achieve his goals in life amidst of all the hardships. In his address, Dr. Bindra highlighted the major issues faced by the students and gave intuitive ways to solve them. He suggested everyone to study Gita and follow its sermons to kindle new innovative paths of achievement and success mantras embedded in them. Each and every person present in the auditorium enthusiastically participated in the interactive speech given by Dr. Bindra. As an event, this workshop saw the highest number of participation from students.

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